Sports That You Should Take on Your Free Time


Villa Park De Herne is not only a place for relaxation but it also offers a lot of facilities for you and your family to enjoy. We have a lot of areas for sports and recreation. This is because we believe that you should not let your health go down just because you are having your vacation. You may be on your Amsterdam holiday and doing your Amsterdam city trips but you should also not forget to keep yourself healthy while having fun.

Here are some sports that you can take up on your free time


One of the easiest sports to take up during your free time is running. You would not need to spend that much money on apparel. All you need to get is a nice pair of running shoes and you are good to go. Here, at Villa Park De Herne, we have a Zen garden that lets runners do their stuff and take their stride while viewing the luscious garden fields and smelling the flowers. Since our garden area is far from the main road, you are sure to get fresh air from the trees and plants that surround the place.


Cycling is another sport that you can choose to do in your free time. it is a sport that builds up and strengthens your muscles. It also increases endurance and speed. Your hand and eye coordination are also developed when cycling. A nice bike will not cost that much. Instead of focusing on the price of the bike, choose the one that is functional and according to the budget that you have. In your vacation, you can just go to the Amsterdam bike rental and get a bike for your exercise.

Water Sports

Villa Park De Herne is a village that is right beside the waters. You can do a lot of water sports near the area. If you know how to operate a motorboat, you can try to do some circles around the waters. You may also want to try some skiing or wakeboarding. It is best to try them in your free time because you might not have the opportunity to be near the waters during your normal days.